DJ Eddy L
Eddy_LEddy L's career as a DJ is as much about fortuitous as it is about prodigious alent. As a teenager Eddy's interest in life were all things electronics, having a good time and musics. When he discovered dance music in the 80's it came to no surprise that he took to it like a duck to water. Eddy L is now one of the pioneers in his own homegrown of electronic house music. Consider his role in this past few year's local & international dance scene, Eddy's star is on the rise and while he was happily in the right place at the right time, getting there was also about a lot of hard work.

He started earlier landing a couple of nights playing in small clubs such as ECHO, CARBON...etc, then moved on to a local gig done in the biggest club ever in KL called MOVEMENT. It was those time that Eddy was exposed to the crowd hungry for his sounds of progression and also with his talent in weaving from sound to sound moving dance floor all over the city from club to clubs such as CARBON, BAR FLAM, THE BACKROOM, FLUX...etc.

He has played building sets & shared musics & decks with artist locally as well as internationally from ROGER SANCHEZ, DIMITRI from Paris, PHIL K, MARC HUGHES from M.O.S., MARA, ANDY JARROD, DJ 19 from Japan, DJ MAAR from Japan, NICK WARREN, OWEN K, D.RAMIREZ, CHRIS CARGO, LUCIENT FOORT, TIMO MAAS, LEON ROBERT from KING UNIQUE, YOUSEF, LISA LOUD, SCUMFROG, DAVE SEAMAN, PETE DOYLE, MISTRESS BABBARA, JON CARTER, PARKS & WILSON, SIMON COYLE, PETE TONG, AUDIOWHORES, CHRIS FORTIER and of course the very well known CARL COX. Fast forward to today and Eddy has established himself as a very versatile, solid DJ within the dance community. His residency in one of the very well known local club (PASSION) in KL has earned him quite a reputation as one of the very best DJ in KL to the clubbers from all around the world.

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