Poppy Collection

The Culture of Celebration

poppygarden1_std Philosophy - Poppy Collection is the temple of the human arts for the select few that seek to experience connectivity, sensuality and intimacy at the highest possible level. Positioning itself as the first boutique entertainment experience in the city, the establishment is actually a collection of outlets - POPPY Garden, Mandalay Lounge, PASSION Living Room and Havanita Cigar Lounge - known as Poppy Collection. But most people just refer to it as Poppy.

PG054 What made the club appealing is the different music genres offered under the same roof. Patrons had access to all the outlets without paying an extra cover charge, a concept that was fairly new in KL.

POPPY is unique as it offer excellent R & B music. For the hardcore house fans, PASSION is just a walk upstairs. There's even live music at Poppy Lounge for those who prefer something more chilled while Havanita Cigar Lounge offers a range of cigars and wines.

Poppy Collection was renovated and expanded, and unveiled its much bigger, jazzier and funkier new additions last November 07 much to the delight of loyal fans.

The most obvious change is the amount of space. The dining and dance area is twice the size of the old Poppy. Sit-down dining capacity is 80 pax while the club can accommodate roughly 2,000 people at one time.

Customers can dine in cosy corners that are romantically lit with candles amidst soothing water features in Poppy Garden. The management has retained the lush garden concept so half the area is open-air and the other half air-conditioned, with clean design lines, white decor and wooden plank flooring. All areas are covered so no worries about being drenched halfway through dinner.


After 10pm, the staff will move the tables and Poppy Garden will be transformed into a spacious dance floor in anticipation of the party crowd that will start trickling in at 11pm onwards.

"We bring in international deejays from time to time. We had four international gigs last year - DJ Jazzy Jeff from the US for Poppy and Chris Fortier & David Morales also from the US for Passion, to name a few," says Poppy Collection.

"We are bringing in more international acts this year. Of course, we believe in promoting local talent too. Our resident deejays, DJ Blingg and Backslash for Poppy and DJ Eddy for Passion, play every night from Wednesday to Saturday."

The bigger space requires additional service and so Secret Garden Bar was built, making drinks a breeze to order.

With their swimming pool at the VIP area open throughout the night, as people get more comfortable and confident, many will end up jumping into the pool to cool off or just have a splashing fun time. Swimsuits are encouraged but if you don't mind spoiling your expensive designer shirt, the management has no problem with you diving in fully clothed.

Passion079 "Our customers love the pool concept and we do get some customers jumping into the pool with all their clothes on. We don't mind as long as they are happy. We are planning to design our own T-shirts and towels so that it will be more convenient for our customers to use the pool,".

The rest of the outlets remain the same with PASSION still drawing in the crowd with its predominantly house music. Climb the stairway to its tasteful plush lounge on the first floor.

An entrance leads you to the chill-out balcony and outdoor area where you can lounge on oversized sofas while checking out the scene below. I love their unisex toilet with full-length mirror behind each cubicle that allows you to check on your makeup and your dressing in private.

Poppy Collection is still standing strong in the clubbing scene and should be around for a long time to come.

Please visit www.poppy-collection.com for more information. Passion066



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